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Carlito's Way!
Dare to dream?

I’m supposed to have a presentation less than 2 hours from now and I’ve totally lost my voice. Whatever. Fuck class. I’m too happy right now.

A 2-0 score was enough to send Chelsea through to the semi finals of the Champions League with a 3-3 aggregate scoreline. What a night for Chelsea FC. I’m really speechless right now, I really don’t know what to say, and I really don’t care to make any analysis of the game at the moment. I mean we had two scrappy goals, but we were also a bit unfortunate hitting the crossbar twice in a matter of minutes.

Two years ago, we overturned a 3-1 tie to win vs. Napoli, later to go on to win against Bayern Munich in the finals. 2012 Champions League winners, 2013 Europa League winners. Chelsea might not be the favourites to win the tournament, but we have every right to dream of taking a second Champions League trophy in 3 years.

A disappointing night

Full time whistle signals 3-1 in favor of runaway French Ligue 1 leaders Paris Saint-Germain against Chelsea. Huge disappointment in the faces of all Chelsea fans to have conceded a late stoppage time goal which now changes everything. 2-1 away is a decent result going into a second leg, but a 3-1 means Chelsea will have to chase the game in the return leg. 

My thoughts:

All three goals were avoidable. Horrible mistakes. Considering Chelsea supposedly have the best defense in the Champions League, or at least before the kickoff, you would think have thought this was a different team playing.

  1. First goal - a result of a poor clearance. We made a great response, keeping a lot of the possession and winning a penalty that led to the equalizer. After that Chelsea were great. Good chances, hit the post once, stayed tight in the back. 
  2. Second goal - Second goal was a result of an unnecessary foul. Completely unnecessary by David Luiz to make contact with the player. When the attacker has no where to go, you don’t have to go in and challenge. Just stay with the player and watch the ball.
  3. Third goalThis one was absolutely pathetic. Usually you don’t criticize Azpilicueta after having an amazing season for Chelsea. However, at the end of the game you need to stay on your feet as a defender. The left back made a lunge for the ball which gave Pastore the chance to swivel past Lampard, who was completely flat footed. John Terry stood completely still and Petr Cech was beaten at the near post. Pathetic defending by everyone involved.

As mentioned above, first half was a fantastic display and the team response after the first goal was terrific. Second half was absolutely rubbish by Chelsea. No real intent going forward; there was one moment Fernando Torres and Ramires were through two-on-one and they created absolutely nothing out of it. Ridiculous. As Mourinho indicates, we are desperate for another striker. Torres is far inconsistent, runs when he should stand and stands when he should run.

Thinking positive:

Obviously let down and very disappointed especially after conceding a stoppage time goal and in the way we did it, but I’ve had a moment to calm down now. Chelsea have trailed 3-1 twice in the Champions League over the years I have supported the club.

First time around was 2003-2004 semi-finals against AS Monaco under the reign of Claudio Ranieri. Having lost 3-1 at Monaco, we led 2-0 in the first half of the second leg only to concede one right at the end of first half and eventually losing 5-3 on aggregate. Ranieri was sacked after the end of the season.

In 2012, the year Chelsea won the Champions League, Chelsea had lost 3-1 away to Napoli which led to the sacking of Andres Villas-Boas. Robbie Di Matteo in his first European match took Chelsea to inflict the same score upon Napoli and then winning it 5-4 on aggregate on extra time, eventually knocking out Benfica, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich in the finals on penalty shootouts.

Chelsea are definitely not out, but certainly have hard work ahead going into the second leg especially due to the 3rd PSG goal. It will be tough, but anything happens in football especially on a big European night.


"I think at this moment Azpilicueta is unbeatable. For many, many matches I haven’t seen one player beat Azpilicueta in an individual duel," Jose Mourinho
If there’s one player at Chelsea that always goes unnoticed it’s Dave. He is one of the main reasons our back four has been so solid. I mean, it takes something pretty special to displace Ashley Cole.


"I think at this moment Azpilicueta is unbeatable. For many, many matches I haven’t seen one player beat Azpilicueta in an individual duel," Jose Mourinho

If there’s one player at Chelsea that always goes unnoticed it’s Dave. He is one of the main reasons our back four has been so solid. I mean, it takes something pretty special to displace Ashley Cole.



I’ve been listening a fuck ton of Avenged Sevenfold ever since last summer. I don’t know if I’ll get to see them live when they come to Mexico but it’d be beyond sick.

World Cup Draw!
  • GROUP A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon
  • GROUP B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia
  • GROUP C: Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan
  • GROUP D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy
  • GROUP E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras
  • GROUP F: Argentina, Bosnia, Iran, Nigeria
  • GROUP G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA
  • GROUP H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am actually so happy about Korea’s group. I’m not saying that it’s gonna be easy, but the possibilities of an even tougher group were pretty high.

That being said, let’s take a quick glimpse at each of the drawn groups:

Group A: Fair to say Brazil got a fairly easy group. Croatia are a decent team, but you would expect Brazil to win in their opening game and follow it up by taking 9 points from their group. They will eagerly wait for either Spain or the Netherlands from Group B.

2nd place will be up for grabs between the remaining three teams and Croatia looks the likelier. Living in Mexico, I have had the pleasure to watch one of their WC Qualifiers in their staudium and they are really lacking a goalscorer (Chicharito seems really out of form) while their defensive lapses are a huge problem. As for Cameroon, you should never underestimate Eto’o, but other than him you only have a few other names perhaps such as Jean Makoun. You really have to fancy Croatia to go through having the likes of Modric and Mandzukic in their line-up.

Group B: I think everyone knows what to expect from this group. Spain vs. Netherlands for the opening game - a repeat of the the last WC final. Anyone who misses this game is not a football fan. The winner of these two games will almost certainly be 1st in the group. I mean Chile have a really good side, but they will need a pull of a huge upset against one of these two superpowers. As for Australia, i think they will be happy if they scored a goal.

Group C: I’m expecting Colombia to take 1st place considering they are one of the deadliest side in South America. Falcao is considered one of the best no. 9’s in the game and Colombia arguably have their best side in history, comfortably qualifying in the CONMEBOL. You cannot forget about Ivory Coast though. Yaya Touré is a monster in midfield and Drogba is a powerful striker who can always rise up to the occasion. Ivory Coast has been considered the best African nation for a while and they will also fight for first. Greece and Japan might be the underdogs for this group, but it’s also hard to say since Greece are known to be an organized, tactical team that can pull of a result in any game. Japan on the other hand are an entertaining attacking side and can score a goal from anywhere. This group is definitely hard to call.

Group D: Amazing group. Suárez will have extra motivation to beat England while Italy will also look to grab a place in the knockout rounds. Costa Rica are a strong team in the CONCACAF, but that doesn’t really say much in the global scene considering Mexico has one of the worst teams in history at the moment. They might cause an upset or two, but you have to imagine that the other three will fight it out for the top two places of the group.

Group E: Oh boy, does France have an easy group. Ecuador will be a decent team, but Switzerland is surely the easiest of the eight team from Pot 1. France are most likely going through as first as long as they don’t go through the same shenanigans as WC 2010 and the second will probably be decided between Ecuador and Switzerland. As for Honduras, well… they could have gotten into a tougher group, but they must be huge underdogs to go through.

Group F: OK. Argentina will take all 9 points. 2nd place will go to either Nigeria or Bosnia. Pretty straightforward.

Group G: Boateng brothers get to face each other again, but the real attention will be focused on Germany and Portugal. Like Group B, Germany and Portugal must be favourites to go throught, the question will be who goes first. This is a group where the teams are pretty familiar with each other, Ghana having taken out the US in the Ro16 in South Africa. Ghana and the USA are certainly capable of causing upsets, but it would be nothing more than a shock if the European teams were to be eliminated.

Group H: Belgium will be happy about this group. Russia having won their qualifying group are not easy opponents either. As a Korean, I have watched most of the qualifying games that Korea has had and through bad management and some of our best players staying in Europe, we just scraped through to the World Cup. But have faith fellow Koreans, we could have had a tougher group. No one is unbeatable.


La Vida en México

Diez pesos le cuesta, diez pesos le vale.

Chelsea vs. Basel

Speechless and feeling so gutted..After a shameful defeat vs. Everton I was so sure that our youngsters would bounce back with a solid win. In fact, the performance vs. Everton was much better than this out of sorts Chelsea side. The 3 attacking midfielders all making the same movements, even Eto’o. There’s gotta be a change.

In the end, Chelsea deserved nothing tonight. Beaten at home, Basel were deserved winners. Oscar the one man that shined throughout the match.

Forget being cup contenders, Europa League looks likelier. For fuck’s sake, just get out of the group stages. Come on Chelsea, Come on Jose… wake up

La vida en México / Life in Mexico # 4

Alguien en mi clase se despierta a las 4 para irse a clase. 3 horas en camión venir a clase y 3 horas regresar a casa. ¿Por qué harías eso?

-“Bueno, ya acostumbré”

No manches! Yo ni siquiera podría acostumbra 1 hora de viajar a clase.

Someone in my class commutes 3 hours to class every day. 3 hours coming to class and then 3 hours going back home. Why would you do that?

-“Yeah, I’m used to it”

No wayy man, I couldn’t even get used to 1 hour of commuting let alone 3 hours…


Feliz cumpleaños, conchetumare.


Feliz cumpleaños, conchetumare.